Animated Teaser 01: killing me

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Started working on my manga book, while doing so i thought "Hey why not making an anime short teaser for it" :D and here is one of the draft scenes...

You're welcome to visit my youtube channel for more insight and WIPs: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8QnV6w7DkrEJqBd8cxEWzg

facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ibrabdo2/


great line work and animation!

ibrabdo responds:

thx :)

the animation is soo good

ibrabdo responds:

thx :)

amazing FBF animation, with swift, relentless speed, good pace, and excellent details.
(GREAT drawings of the protagonists face, along with excellent animations+designs of the revolver...)
i have to ask: what FPS speed did you used?
and was this done in flash, or was it created with an other program?
i am most impressed by your amazing works, and even tho it was a short movie, i enjoyed every second of it.
im certain that your manga will be magnificent as well.
i see great potential in you, my good sir!
keep up the good work!!!

ibrabdo responds:

thx, i did animate it using flash, tho i guess i ll be using different software for cleanups and coloring plus the backgrounds going to be built in 3D and overpainted in photoshop and the whole thing will be packed and edited in aftereffect for post production, and using 24 FPS for FBF :)

Now this one is a bit werid in my eyes, because the camera moves from the gun to the guy really akwardly.
Basically, it needs a bit more work but it's pretty good.

ibrabdo responds:

thx :)

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Sep 10, 2016
6:48 AM EDT