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Toys for Lonely Men

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*Thanks so much to everyone for checking out the film and giving feedback! It means a lot! and seeing it on the front page was really cool.

Bill finds love in Helga, a beautiful doll who can laugh and smile. Helga finds joy in Bill, a foolish mortal who can bleed and cry.

This film uses sound clips from pond5.com and freesound.org

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soo good

The moment he starts playing hide and seek with her is already a red flag.

seems like a shop i would go

A good horror short.
The animation style really matches with the theme of the story.
Great character designs.

I love the feel of this whole thing, the loneliness and desperation of the man, and the sadistic playfulness of the doll.

The scratched film effect enhances the dark and brooding feel throughout the short.

An excellent use of timing the audio to enhance the horror.

Creepy and cool.
One of my faves.

misterIG responds:

I appreciate the feedback, man! So glad you enjoyed it :D

I was first like .. okay ... then the longer it played .. I got lost and it got ALL my focus!
Really fascinated art style and creepy well made, good job!