Ice Cream

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Little brat wants to have that fancy ice cream that all kids in town are licking little does he know it's not that creamy easy wonderful thing.


This is really cool, I am loving the hand drawn animations :)

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The transitions (ice cream truck scene moves from front view to left profile) were interesting and I thought, "Hm, I'm not sure how they did that," and I think it could be quite useful for some effects when you have limited time/resources. How did you do that?

I get that it was for an animation jam, but I would have preferred some other theme/content.

IsolatedChair responds:

Well actually the transitions are just old beloved frame by frame drawings.

It's just..... ugh. It looks like EVERY other wanna-be-creepy animation on Newgrounds. Oh look, a knife... oh look, a demon.... oh look, a trippy background. There's simply nothing original here, or well done for that matter. I'm -really- not trying to sound harsh, honest, just trying to provide some feedback. I think if you wanted to stand out in the whole horror genre here, you'd need to find at least one element in particular and kick its ass; make it super detailed, or create some great sound FX that were your own, or develop a plot that's more than "ice cream vendor summons demon".

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IsolatedChair responds:

Thank you for your feedback. It was done for an animation jam here, so we didn't have much time when it comes to details and stuff. Here I mostly wanted to try these dynamic transitions but I will consider what you said and I'll try to do something more ambicious as I think that weird creepy genre here may be something I want to master. Also these sound effects were my main problem here as I really didn't know what I was doing and choosing. Well gotta make more in orded to learn something, right

Loved the realistic nightmare. Going from totally normal.... to completely fucked up in a second.

Reminded me of louie nightmare episode a bit.

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I scream for Ice Cream.

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Sep 8, 2016
3:27 PM EDT