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The Creators - Part 1 of 3

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Arkan finds himself in a world with 4 different civilizations, each of them appear to have a different statue depiction of a Creator in their starting settlement. Why?

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Honestly this wasn't that bad. I liked the plot it kept me entertained and wanting that second part to come out.

chicken-tits responds:

Cheers, but unfortunately I'm not sure it will ever see the light of day. I'm really happy with the full script, but 2+ years solid work for <500 views means I'm unlikely to find the motivation to finish this. Mainly as I work professionally as an animator now and don't really spend my free time on this kind of thing anymore :(
Thanks for the review, it's appreciated!

Rotoscope? If so it still makes for stellar animation. Stands in contrast to the rest of the animation.
Story is relatively entertaining for what it is... My question though is who the hell is Arkan?

chicken-tits responds:

A lot of the body animation uses rotoscope, yeah. Arkan is the character that falls from the sky - the story follows wherever he is at the time. He has more of a role in Part 2, so I might remove his name from the description, as thinking about it, that probably makes things more confusing... Cheers for the comments!

awesome lol