Nightmare Crusade - Episode 1: The Nightmare Begins

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My first major animation. This is definitely an improvement from my last video. I learned a lot while making this, and I can only improve from here! :)

I did had a little trouble with the outlines and some of the backgrounds, but hopefully you can enjoy this strange, dark-comedic, ambitious project nearly a year in the making. Or maybe you'll just tell me to kill myself in the comments section. After all, that seems to be the new insult everyone's running into the ground.

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You could of used darker colours

I think this was a good attempt. The art and animation looked some what similar to what I use to make when I've first started. But there is defiantly room for improvement.

Whether you want to improve the animation or the story telling skills is up to you. Or maybe both if you feel like your up to the task.

If you want to improve your art skills then I suggest that you draw something everyday. Buy a small A5 sketch book and just draw characters, hands, trees, landscape and whatever. Just draw everyday and you will improve. Even if your just drawing something for 5 or 10 minutes.

That being said, keep up the good work!

they look like the kkk :(

Awesome animation , i kinda liked the story and the graphics , make more episodes of it i can't wait to watch the 2nd one , nobody should insult you since you did a great job mate , keep it up !

Seriously? Wow. Like, just kill yourself.
(Nah, kidding, don't do that x3)

So the art and animation isn't the greatest, but you've definitely set up a story that kept my interest. I have no idea why Norman is spitting glass, and the king wants this dragon... but you've made me interested to know! Idk what was up with that smiley creature in the cave or what woke Norman up, but I'm interested to find out those too!

About the voices, none of the voices for the crusaders (I think this is what the robed people are) really stood out as unique, which, normally would be fine. However, since there's little indication of which character is talking since their faces are covered (no mouth movements for example), sometimes it's hard to tell who's speaking when multiple crusaders are in the same shot. On the topic of voices, some of the mic quality was a bit low, I could hear a lot of sharp sounds from the red crusader and the blue knight's voice was way too loud. The actual voice acting were all decent though! There's a lot of room for improvement (sometimes it seemed a bit too monotone), but I feel like effort was definitely made. I also like... Googly, er... Moogily... whatever the ghost's name is, I like his voice particularly.

While the rule of expositing in a video is usually show not tell, and I feel like this did the opposite, I still managed to sit through the whole thing without getting bored. Blue Knight's "faggot" made me chuckle both times, and I liked the red crusade guy's speech and demonstration on how being brave is counter productive, because he's so right. His attitude is amusing as well, how annoyed he acts, and I feel like he'd stand out even better with more dramatic body movements.

The character designs do their job, I can distinguish who I need to, but most of them feel kind of generic.

So, anyway... There's a lot of flaws with this but I still enjoyed it. I can tell a ton of work was put into it and I hope you continue with this. The length if impressive and I'm interested in the story now. Surely you'll get even better at animating next time! Best of luck and congrats on finishing this ^^

MasterCyconide responds:

Thank you for your comment! I'm glad you enjoyed it and yes, I understand it has a lot of flaws. One of the major reasons it took almost a year to get this done was the fact that I had to redo the entire thing like three times because it just didn't turn out right or I had better ideas for it.

As for the show not tell thing, I had that on my mind the entire time I was making this. In the original version, there was actually a narration that just puked up the entire backstory right in the beginning. Yeah, it was awful. Thank god I took that out. I guess at times things got out of hand and I felt they needed to be explained by one of the characters to avoid confusion. Another flaw in the writing department was maybe having too much backstory, as I might have made everything a bit too vague. I'll have things fixed up better in the second episode now that I know my way around Flash better and have a solid plan for a script. :)

Also, the ghost's name was "Boogly".

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Aug 26, 2016
8:51 PM EDT
Comedy - Original