The Chocolate - 3D Animation

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The blue juicebox walks happy with his chocolate, but then a green juicebox takes his candy and throws to river other side. Then our friend makes all the possible for get his candy.


Good, good, well done.
The movement is very smooth and fluent, the straw actually looks real. You also know pretty well how to operate with cameras and when it is the best time to make a cut, so there wasn't a single moment when the animation would feel too slow, laggy or boring.
This is a joke, so backgrounds/physics don't matter (in fact the animation's funnier like this), but if you create something with a more serious topic in the future, try to make the water behave more realistic and the ground – especially the lake's shore – a bit smoother, because now you can clearly see its edges.

The video might also have been funnier without the last ten seconds, but that's just my opinion. It's good to see a nice 3D animation here.

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Seb8tian responds:

Thanks :D!
I started this animation a long time ago, but I finished today (reason of sharp edges).
Right now I'm thinking for make a sequel, but really I don have a good idea. I make a turtle rig, so probably I'll animate on the next low-poly animation.
Whenever I'm animating a minecraft vid (it would be awesome) :). The next intro would be more short and attractive :P.

Don't sweat the haters, Funny stuff. I love the repeated visualization of the action plot. I'm even a little guilty to admit the cheezy video wipe is my favorite part

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It's not bad I guess... but why the hashtags?...

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Seb8tian responds:

I use hashtags on twitter to refer random ideas :P

I seriously don't know. The 3D models are kinda cool, but everything falls down, because of the stock music and sound effects. I don't mean they are bad by default, but they're so overused that I was forcing myself to watch the whole thing.

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Seb8tian responds:

I have now a music composer for compose my animations, he helped me to compose my game music :P

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2.99 / 5.00

Aug 25, 2016
11:35 PM EDT
Comedy - Original