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Tribute To Animators

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Author Comments

This is My Tribute To All The NG Animators out there.. Hope you like it.. Please Review please Vote. This Cartoon was for all Those HArd Workers.. and For those Who Appreciate that hard work.
Thanks to the Real Peeps for the Votes!

FRONT PAGE!! Thanks Tom!
Remember people.. this is only a Joke :-) Marcus the Niglet will be returning in other crazy cartoons Leave Feed back on What you think he should do next!

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I really liked this and it was a lot of fun to look back. I have made a few submissions. None of them are any good. Well, I think my single drawing isn't that bad. Marcus' voice is really good. The animation's pretty good.

I like how goofy everything is. I am one of the most prolific reviewers on this website. I mostly get positive feedback. I don't want to annoy people. I think I've mostly given good advice.

lmao , lol , so true and I appreciate all the animators, but some animations are just well crap lol, like the spam stuff but I do not animate and maybe I am too generous by rating a high rating but hey, the artist deserves it:) I have been happy with all my reviews especially if the artist replies back :) but lol nice animation and wish I could have seen it when it was first submitted lol, damn Im like 12 years too late omfg lol. well hope this review reaches u :0

You're voice sounds like...

The Meatball Guy From Adult Swim.....EPIC!

A forever front-page flash IMO.

I believe that anyone who visits Newgrounds should have a link to this video firsthand before they are allowed to see any other portal Flash videos. A great lesson, and a humbling perspective.

The thing about this is...

It's so damn true.