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I Want To Believe

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When was the last time you believed? Truly believed? What's that? You can't remember? Neither can I...it's been so long. I wake up every morning, feed my fish, go to work, come home, sleep...repeat. Is it worth believing anymore? What is there to believe in? Love? Happiness? God? Family? Everything is so temporary...what are we all but temporary, fleeting moments of emotions and entrails forever floating in this speck of dust suspended in an endless black void? I see the stars...the stars....oh, the stars...

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Continue to develop the idea because there is potential!

critterfitz responds:

Thanks! c:

even though it was short, I loved the camera angles you used and the clever alarm clock and the fish getting flushed down the toilet. Your artwork was nice. Keep up the good work.

critterfitz responds:

Thanks so much!

great backgrounds but was a little short or would of scored higher.

critterfitz responds:

Thanks! c: currently in progress of a longer animated cartoon

I like the animation and the art style - I can clearly see that you paid a lot of attention to background details. Also, the story is sad and hilarious at the same time.

critterfitz responds:

Thanks! C: