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NWAR: Flash Back

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Detective Nwar flashes back to his days as a police officer.

Subscribe to the YouTube channel for bonus mini episodes! https://www.youtube.com/user/filmnwar?sub_confirmation=1


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i love how the series slowly became more and more serious and still managed to make light of such serious subjects, this is great!


So this was an interesting movie entry you have here this charracter has some charchter to him and the stylish look you gave him made it even better you have some good elements in this submission and you showcase it very well I am pretty impressed with this whole piece

Make more of these


So such a dark past does hide behind that facade of balding charm and wondrous wordplay! Wonder what dark path he'll follow next... nicely presented, with that soft musical build-up towards the end too. Good ep.


Nice :)

Wonderfully funny monologue, not too over the top, well read.