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How to Pokémon GO

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Made in two weeks for a screening in NY - PHEW! I left in the YouTube-specific credits, because I've worked on a bunch of stuff recently. So... yeah, those annotations obviously won't work.

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Fucking sweet! I love every bit of this toon! <3

you are so great.

Hilda has a fantastic voice, she remembers me Dora from the Nemo movies. Especially that crying sound she made, it is so similar to Dora's whale sound. She really nailed it... And I guess she does like animals, since people that don't like them may probably have more trouble of uttering animals sounds.

I have never played the game, but I kind of expected a hugely popular game that kept getting evolved constantly to be full of wonderful bugs (that's how they die =). Funny that they make people frustrated, when the game is about bug-like creatures and all sorts of weird animals.

I am voting half a star, because I hated it... Nah, just kidding, I liked the animation (1/8 star), the poke-sounds you used (1/8 star), the comical parts (1/8) and Hilda is the cutest poke-girl I have ever seen (but still, 1/8 star). Rated 4/5 on the left side thing (I still don't get it why we need to vote twice) and this rate is just to confirm an hypothesis (people that rated low in this comment section got a response from the author... I will be satisfied whether I am the exception or not, so I'll just add some more randomness just to force the author to waste more time reading stupid crap).

Pica-Cu use ass-stinger >>> (it's super-effective!!!) >>> Hilda became a smoker again!

fuck u hilda

that was great! i had to tell my kids and my niece about it, i am very much looking forward to your new endeavors with sailor moon, thanx for giving me a hearty chuckle:D