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Suntria and Sprout - Episode 1

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EDIT: Gratitude and sunshine to all who made this reach front page! You guys rock!

After a horrific event, Suntria has been acting rather strange, not to mention her loss of memory. But before things can become clearer, why not have some cake with a friend? ^_^

Special thanks to all the talented guys who did the music and sound for this!! It took lots of time and sweat to make this all work, but I think it was worth it, as I learned more about animation and the tricks to do certain scenes.
I wanted to try something different than the Mr. Sneaks cartoons, so while there isnt much plot revealed in this episode, I hope the characters and the world are now more understandable, in preparation for what's to be unveiled in later episodes.

If you like this, please check out a mini trailer for future episodes at the end of the youtube version
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Great story telling and animation!

The animation had nice flow but besides that the story and how it progress seemed rather boring, even in scenes where it seemed like it was getting crazy it still just seemed dull, didn't feel to much for the characters either, so nothing bad about it but I just couldn't get invested in anything that was going on.

Ant0on responds:

Thanks for watching! I guess pretty much everything is subjective, so of course this type of cartoon is not for everyone. If you want more fast-paced action, check out my Mr.Sneaks episode 2 or the music video, maybe that will appeal more :)

I like the characters and development. I think drawings could be clearer.

I recommend.

Ant0on responds:

Thank you! And you are very right, some scenes still hurt my eyes when I look back and think that I should have put more time in clean-up. The next episode is not going to be this messy!

Suntria and Sprout's big eyes and simple color schemes make them decently expressive and fit with the tone of the first half of the episode, but not with the violence later on. It's kind of like seeing a baby bunny maul someone to death; it can't be anything but comedic.

Also, the overabundance of the sound effects detract from the experience, giving every little motion a wacky noise even when the characters are in mortal danger. Everything's emphasized, so nothing is.

Still, it does tell a complete story and has decent animation. Plus it keept my attention until the end, so it's not bad, just awkward.

Please continue to make these shorts. I'm sure a lot of people would love to see where this goes.

Ant0on responds:

Thank you for taking your time to watch! I can see where you are coming from when you say the violence doesnt fit with the cuteness, but I think that is something that the media has made us believe. We are forced to expect that everything cute looking is supposed to be innocent, so I wanted to break away from this standard. I wanted to experiment how danger and fear can be experienced in any setting.
About the SFX, its true they are often cartoony, but I think they dont ruin the theme, as most scenes are meant to be playful, in a dark sense. For the next cartoon we may change the approach though.

Again, thanks for watching/review, and maybe you might enjoy the other episodes!

Great animation, I appreciated every moment of it. Please keep the good work going.
By the way, following the description:
Q: What's up with Suntria?
A: She's got just some average PMS; nothing unique in our world too :)

Ant0on responds:

Thank you! And that is a very interesting observation, but sadly I cannot comment any further on Suntria's condition as that will include spoilers :)