Shattered Heaven Ep. 6

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Act 1 Finale!

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The entrance Exam for the Alliance has taken a turn for the worse. Adam Novus stands in front of what he always considered to be his dream, but with an impossible wall blocking his way, will he be able to keep his composure and push through?


Adam Novus: Adam Tilford
Stephen Novus: Greg Nugent
Amy Caecus: Kira Buckland
Irregular's Pilot: Chris Niosi
Karin Dolor: Amanda Lee
Veronica Laboro: Jessi Nowak
Mike Aquilis: Carlos Moreno
Christina Efflorenso: Michelle Deco
Jen Fama: Jasmine Carbonel
Sharon Amare: Amber Lee Connors
Catherine Henning: Brittany Lauda
Sarah Henning: Holly Hampson
Chris Procella: Jeremiah George
Lucius Malum: Ty Konzak
Severen: Nina Sumter

Assistant Voice Director: Brittany Lauda
Sound Design: Natalie Van Sistine
Script Supervision: Heidi Tabing

Music by: Johnathan Johnson "Projecttrinity"

Ending Song "Broken Machine"
Performed by Amanda Lee
Written and Composed by Luke Thomas

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I don't think the audio is perfect, you need some more sfx like when dude falls out of the mech and starts walking you didn't add sfx for the steps overall way better than episode one you are getting better maybe more people will get onboard and help you improve on it even more providence be with ya (I give you 4 1/2 stars because you've improved a good bit and i see potwntial for alot more improvement)

Wow you can actually animate 22 minute long anime like episodes. Animation is not stellar but given the time it took to make and the fact that there's only one animator, it's actually preety good.
Yet having the oportunity to make a unique story, you chose a generic one that takes everything that's wrong with anime and mixes it together.
That's almost a waste, man. A barrage of "I'll protect you!" angsty teenager stuff... reminds me of gundam seed. Yeah, not my thing, sorry.

This series has really come a long way.
I can definitely see the improvements in animation from the earlier episodes
Hope to see more of it in the future.

This is a weird situation because I want to like this but the drawings weigh the whole thing down so much. The cast and sound design is PERFECT, if I wasn't looking at the screen I would think I was listening to a high quality production. The drawings aren't bad, they just really don't fit the level of quality I hear in the sound and voices.

Also nice job for making something with a bit of length, it's hard to find longer animations here.

AdamTilford responds:

I appreciate your input and time to right something honest. Yeah, I don't disagree with anything you've said. At the moment this is something I'm doing while jugging a full time job, freelance work and book editing. Especially with long form animated series projects, it gets hard to make sure releases are consistent, and as long as I'm the only one animating. I've always tried to improve the quality of the visuals with each episode, pushing myself to a new level that I can balance. I'm moving over to Harmony for the next season since I think with Harmony I'll be able to have the animation match the illustration quality I've improved to. Time will tell. But I've always viewed this project as something that would improve over the course of production. Regardless, thank you for writing that out.

the timing... at thebegining of each scene, you should start it a lil late

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Aug 17, 2016
8:54 AM EDT
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