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Strawberryclock's wall

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Author Comments

I sincerely apologise for the memes. It's all I've been doing this year.

I decided to try and make an entire flash in one day. this is the result.

happy clock day!

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I ended up watching this when it was first submitted through the portal! I admit that it's just mediocre. I think my main problem with it is that it's just too long. It doesn't lead up to much of a punchline. It was the first Clock Day 2016 submission I saw! It's great to see you guys still around.

Dang, you seem to have smaller celebrations every year. You're talented people. I guess I'm glad this wasn't that low of a score. You don't want any horrible stuff submitted. I can still remember most of the clocks.

Funny stuff. I also love the crummy artwork. It's charming.
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A wall is what we desire, and Newgrounds will sure as shit be the buyer.

I loved the "King's Speech" Reference and how you threw in a little Trump action.

What would have made this better:
- Close-ups and Cut aways
- Background Music
- Sound Effects
- Maybe instead of white backgrounds, throw in some funny posters in the back.

hahahaha! great clockday movie, my friend!
the internet/social memes might seem old and repetitive to some people, but you pulled it off nicely, and it helped you to create a fresh, cool and funny movie!

i liked how pineapple was the prime minister, and i liked how SBC was talking about ''building walls''.
then, the best part was, when orange clock showed to piney the king's speech that he designed...
''DEUS VULT, DEUS VULT, remove kebabs and help jerusalems!!11oneone'' hahahaha! that was so hillarious and unexpected, i really liked it! (and i loved how piney said to orange: ''nope, your speech was WAY worse than SBC's speech...'' this was a great part.)

overall, this was a really funny movie, and i liked it alot, both for its clever punchlines, and for the fact that it poked on recent events/on recent 'memes'....

good movie, keep up the good work!
happy clockday!

Credits & Info

2.83 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2016
2:56 PM EDT