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PhonographClock Explores A Desert.

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Happy Clock Day, Everyone! Here's my first flash movie. It's all over the place but I didn't really have anything to go off of so here it is.

In a war-torn world, where UFOs and World War II-Era Bomber Pilots are locked in an intergalactic war fueled by the great cheese shortage of 2282, one lone Phonograph with a Clock for a face decides to explore one of the vast deserts scattered across the globe that came into existence when the clouds decided to stop raining and just fight each other with knives. What will he find? Will he even find anything? Will he get killed by man-eating horses???? All will be revealed.

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An epic clock adventure!

This was awesome. You do good work.

woah, its your first movie, but its a GREAT movie for your first flash!
i am impressed, sir! :O

nice drawings of all clock-characters, good backgrounds(and if you think your backgrounds are bad, as that award was saying in your characters room, then consider this: your Bg's are better than mine.), i also liked the nice, fluid animation, the cool sounds, and the epic fight scene between phonograph and the BB10-monster. it was quite impressive!
as for the ending, it was funny, SBC really matched in that final scene.

all in all, this was a great clockday movie, and it had all the things that a viewer would want: good graphics, nice sounds, good animation, and solid humour. so, its great!!!

keep up the great work, man, i see great potential in you!
happy clockday!

PhonographClock responds:

hey I got an award for making shit backgrounds I can't complain.
Thanks for the review. Happy Clockday.

Lol that ending tho, can i leave a yelp review for times new roman convenience store

PhonographClock responds:

Make sure to mention how phonographs keep falling onto cars parked in front of the store. That'll toss the suckers out of business for sure.

It's just a phonograph with a clock on it doing random shit and I LOVE IT. 5.