Meincrampft: The Blockening

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Rob comes home from work only to find the boys in the middle of another Minecraft video binge. And Rob's having none of it! Cue the ranting and raving that goes absolutely nowhere.

Hey guys, long time no see! Here I am, trying a brand new technique for animating. Unity! Well, I had to create a whole new animation system in c# so it'd work. As such, no .swf, so no extras. At least not yet. I do hope to put together an extras video, but beyond that, this is what you get. Also, yeah, it's 3d. Get over it. I'm tired of using Flash.

So leave a comment, let me know what you think! There's potential for this to maybe become a series, but I haven't decided yet if that's what I want to do. For now, just enjoy it for what it is!


You're humor has always had a direct line to my funny bone. Good to see something from you, hope we can look forward to more.

Bobert-Rob responds:

Oh, you can! Something in the next week or two, I hope. :D

It's really good to see you back Bobert-Rob!

I have to agree with a few people, the 3D animation is a little polarizing, but I think you should keep at it if you think it has potential.

Some specific points:
I don't really like that grainy filter; it's a little distracting and not easy on the eyes.
Please try to normalise and filter the audio. Some tracks are way too loud and peak.

The lip syncing is amazing! I'm very impressed.
I love how you always touch upon a theme in your videos and make a point about them.
Some parts of the animation are really good, like character shaking at 5:47.

I hope you plan to do a lot more!

Bobert-Rob responds:

Thanks! Yeah, I agree that it's rough in spots, but I would've spent another year tinkering with it if I'd let myself. I'm trying to stop myself from spending too much time on any one animation. I'll look into some of the things you mentioned, though. Take care!

I'm SO glad to see you're back. I always come back and watch your old animations. I'm looking forward to what you'll make next.

Its cool to see you still making animations. I also think it's cool that you tried out 3D.

Bobert-Rob responds:

Thanks for watching! Glad you enjoyed it. Rather cool of you.

The animation was pretty polarizing to me. It was really hard to figure out if it was good or not. It did make it pretty funny, but I'm not sure if it was intentional. Well, it was supposed to be intentionally funny at least. I guess for the most part I liked it. It did end up looking weird.

It's always nice to make fun of "Minecraft". I found more videos of that than literally any other video game or work of fiction ever created. Yep, all of these things exist. There is Minecraft of it. No exceptions.

Bobert-Rob responds:

As long as you enjoyed it, that's all I was aiming for. I know it isn't exactly perfect, but it's a new medium for me, so it's bound to be awkward. Kind of works, but it'll get better as I perfect it. Thanks for watching!

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Jul 31, 2016
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