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SAJ2016: Home Invasion Simulator

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Is this description long enough for you?

Let me just start off by saying I didn't do any work during the first week other than brainstorming for ideas. I didn't like many of the sound effects we had to use so that it was tricky to come up with anything I liked, despite many brainstorming sessions with friends. But then out of the blue I had a great idea! I've been wanting to try my hand at the classic cartoony song arrangements sometime so I looked up 20 of the most suitable sound effects and worked on something. Week 2 was approaching rapidly and by the next Monday I still didn't know what to do story-wise. So on Monday I started storyboarding on some loose ideas. Most of it was scrapped immediately, only to keep a single scene which the rest of the animation was built around. I couldn't bear myself to stream the process, as this continued to happen a couple more times. The song's fun and all, but visualizing a story to go with it was a real pain!

There's several things I don't like about this cartoon:

1. While the song I made for this gets the job done, from a musician's point of view I think it sound horribly simplistic and synthesized. The soundfonts I'm using are pretty cringeworthy, to be honest...
2. I noticed whenever I showed the song to people, they couldn't help but smirk upon hearing it. I'm worried the animation does not live up to the song's comedic effect.
3. The coloring is pretty bad in my opinion. Some of the animation is too choppy and the overall pacing is too fast because it conforms to the speed of the song. It will probably confuse people when they see it.

Welp, that's pretty bad and all but it could have been worse. The whole thing seems very random but at the very least the animation is telling a story people can understand. Oh, and in case people have trouble figuring out what the sound effects are, here's the chronological order they appear in:

1. GrossBurp
2. Swish1
3. DogBark
4. GlassBreak
5. Swish2
6. Whip
7. BodyHit1
8. BodyHit2
9. CartoonZap
10. LaserFX
11. DrumRoll
12. RisingBloops
13. FabricFlap
14. CashRegister
15. BubbleDitt
16. Explosion
17. GuitarNoise
18. RetroStinger
19. Tock
20. CascadingBloops

I'm also really glad I managed to finish this on Friday since @wallpaperman will be visiting Amsterdam this weekend. So yeah, pretty stoked about that!

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I think the rating should be higher. It's just that this doesn't seem different than a lot of other stuff here. I liked this because the brevity made sense. It took some fine details to draw this. I was more interested in that than the sounds. I love this guy's facial expression.

It really does tell the story without dialogue. That's what these cartoons should be. It's pretty unpredictable too. These characters have pretty unique designs. I'm glad it made front page.