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Baby Boy

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This is a dream Frank has after the sixth episode of The Adventures of Frank and Perry. Episode 7 is on it's way.

Thank you Gianni for the voice of Perry!

Thanks for the front page!

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I forgot I had an account on here and hadn't logged on in over 3 years. Looking through my profile I find this along with only 1 other thing I had liked. I now remember why. The level of creativity needed to make something as beautifully uncomfortable as this is worth writing a review about. In fact the whole series is a work of art.

Does Philip Roth possess you nightly? Is he your spirit animal?

I appreciate your work,man,I really do.It has been a while since I saw something as delicate as this.But you know what,I believe you have the talent to make this even creepier!Keep it up,bro.

noiserover responds:

Thank you! Only 2 years late on my reply to this one😉

You never cease to disturb.

Wow, this is about as accurate a representation of how my dreams go as I've ever seen. lol except in my dreams the background would be changing as much as the characters would. haha