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Hellami Animated Series Episode 2 "Intersection"

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Update: Thanks for the Daily 2nd place & Frontpage!

Hellami Animated Series Episode 2 "Intersection". The year is 2070, Hellami had arrived in Bayfort as a special inspector for the rising cases of "Sharks" attacks. The "Sharks" are humans that are infected by a mystery disease known as Redies that turns them into violent monsters.

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More info on the Hellami Series

- Sapphire

-Anthony "Antfish" Sardinha -https://www.facebook.com/AnthonySardinhaVO/

Opening Narration
-Felicia Valenti http://feliciavalentimusic.wix.com/voiceover

Half-infected Man
-Lee Turner http://leeturnervoices.com/

- YChang

- YChang



"The Hold" Hellami Theme Song
Composed by Bad Man Incorporated
Song Download link - http://www.choo5d.com/downloads.html

Bad Man Incorporated

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Ok, I retract my judgment on the previous video about the sound being good, that music in the end, have you guys not heard of sound checking and balancing, geezus the ambient sound is low as fuck, the talking is reasonable and the music is 5 times as loud as the talking. Geezus Crystal balls that was loud, my ears went from it's a bid loud to holy mother of god that is insane.

That and the length of these is the only problem I have.

Very interesting. It reminds me of Ghost in the Shell, stylistically. The animation is really quite good as well. :)

Black-Crystal responds:

Ghost in the shell is one of my biggest inspirations for this series but I wasn't really going for the cyberpunk genre for Hellami. Thanks for the compliments, glad that you find it interesting :) More is coming soon.

Great followup to the first episode. Excellent visuals and direction. Really felt like I was watching a professionally-produced TV show. The only thing stopping me from giving this 5 stars was the audio mix. The dialogue was too quiet so I raised the volume a bit to hear what the characters were saying. The music that came in on the final shot, however, was way too loud and ruined the cinematic experience. Please focus on getting the dialogue, FX and music levels correct for future episodes and this will be a perfect series!

Black-Crystal responds:

Thank you for the compliments :) About the dialogue and the music, they are fine on my own computer/phone so I am not too sure on what to fix but I will try to see if i can make it better. I will take note of the issues that you mentioned, thanks!

The visuals remind me of Killer7! Love the look, the 3D scenes especially. This episode the 2D and 3D visuals blended better than the first episode. Also the pacing felt faster and less draggy. Good job, can't wait to see more.

Black-Crystal responds:

Yeah, because there are both 2D and 3D, a lot of the time is spent in blending these two together to make them flow more smoothly. Glad that you love the 3D scenes :) From Ep.3 onwards, it will be completely shown in 3D animation.

This kinda reminds me of Prototype. great job!

Black-Crystal responds:

Oh i see, I know that game. Thanks!

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3.76 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2016
5:54 AM EDT