Game Grumps Animated - Scientific "D"iscussion (Roche Limit)

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The phallus-themed adventures of Arin Handsome and Danny Saxbeng continue. Now with an added intergalactic tinge!

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DISCLAIMER: All (voice) audio used excluding the "AngryWhiskers" intro and outro was created by the Game Grumps and edited by me for the specific purpose of this animation. I claim no part in making the actual dialogue, all credit goes to the Game Grumps, this is purely a fan-made video.

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For how simple you drew Arin and Dan, you had so much great colour and detail to the backgrounds and transitions, everything was very alive and fluid, most animations have boring transitions or lots of still frames, your extra work really paid off. Looking forward to your future movies.

This was really nice! I loved the animation and colors quite a bit. Wasn't quite a fan of that sound clip you used after the cartoon, you could have been just fine with the sound clip usually used after GG animations. The style is really simple in an appealing looking way. I also noticed that you used two shade colors, it was a nice touch however it might look a bit better if you made the light shade color ever so slightly darker at times to make it more noticeable, I didn't really notice it that much until looking kinda closely. I really liked the backgrounds, they look insanely pretty. My favorite part of this was how imaginative it was, with all the interesting scenery and all of the things you animated while the Arin and Dan presented everything, it's something I should try to do when I do "_____ animated" type cartoons.

AngryWhiskers responds:

Well thank you for such a well thought out critique! A lot of people seem apprehensive to say the things that need to be said criticism wise, but I appreciate your honesty with both what you liked and didn't so much like about it.

Just to address some of the things you touched on:

~ The sound clips I used were my little 8-bit covers of the original Game Grumps Animated "jingles." I'm assuming that's what you meant by the "sound clip" afterwards. I wanted to do something different for these jingles, to kind of add a little personal flair to the Game Grumps style.
~ With the two shade colours, looking back on it, I agree with you on them. One thing I've been trying to improve on a lot lately is using more of a bold colour scheme, because even though stuff like this might be a little easier on the eyes, I'm starting to get tired of having washed out looking colour schemes. I did really try to work hard on having a huge contrast between the 3 different sections, being the day portion, the underwater portion, and the sunset, so this might also partially contribute to the less noticeable shading in some scenes.

Overall though, thanks. I worked for months and months trying to polish every last little scene in this short animation, so I'm glad to see that the level of detail I tried to put into this didn't go unnoticed. This definitely has been one of the projects I'm most proud of, so I'll do my best in the future to out-do even THIS cartoon! Bigger and better, right?

Anyway, to cap this off, thanks again. I'll take into consideration all the things you said. I'm constantly trying to improve, so any feedback like this is greatly appreciated. :D

I liked the color scheme you used, especially at the end. I also liked the 'glowing' effect underwater and the big body movements.
I feel like I would have liked it more if there was more things to watch. Aside from the two guys and the 'planets,' there wasn't much else going on in each scene. Don't get me wrong, this was a great animation, but I was bored watching it. Some extra easter eggs would wave really made this better for me.

AngryWhiskers responds:

Well, thanks for letting me know what you thought! :D

I've actually heard the exact opposite complaint on the YouTube upload of this quite a few times, which is odd to think about. Many people have told me that they felt the cartoon had TOO much going on, and that they were overwhelmed watching it.
But it's legitimately interesting to me that it would have the opposite effect on you. I tried to keep it simple enough that it's not cluttered, but give it a lot of depth with the easter eggs and little details, but maybe I didn't include enough to keep the interest of some people.

Either way though, I'm glad you were honest about it. I'll try my best to strike a nice balance for my next project to keep it eye catching and simple, but also intriguing enough to hold interest. :D

I would like to apologize on behalf of the three negative cunts in the reviews section and tell you that this was so pleasing to watch, I was entranced the whole way through!

How could anyone like Dan? Enough with the fucking dick talk already. He ruined what Arin was going to say.

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3.58 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2016
3:47 PM EDT
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