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Stereotype: Irish

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Alright. So.
I began this project one year ago back in March or April(ish) of last year and it was going to come out over the course of that summer. However, the Age of Mythology animation had done so well that I decided to make a sequel. Therefore I paused animating this and went on to make rAoM2. I resumed this afterwards on November 22 when I storyboarded it and took up until last week to finish it. I was slowed by school and work. So my apologies.
I really did learn a lot from the project though. The scale of this animation is larger than I usually tackle and there's so many characters moving around. So much is happening and it was too much for me to handle almost. Haha.
I don't want to do something so massive in the future... I want a smaller scale animation with more focus on character animation and good, composed backgrounds. The next animation is set to tackle this.

Having said that I'd love to say thank you to Joe and Troy who inked some rough animation for me, really took a load off so I could focus on foreground animation.
Also thanks to Isa and Tristan. ;}

Can I just say thank you for being patient. I wanted it out as much as you do. The next animation is set for Halloween. ... See you NGers then...
Sorry to rant, but holy shit am I glad to be done with this.

If you want the Youtube version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMynnIulRQE

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Should've challenged him to a drinking contest. Would've been entertaining.

This was cute

So this has a very refreshing and cute element here I love all the different scenes here in this one and love all the use of color too some nice scenes in this one aswell the music had a big role in the scenes here it was actually a pleasent movie and one of your better animated works so really nice job.

You should make more refreshing types like this.


Well, that escalated quickly for sure !

It was good, but not really my cup of tea. Lovely and smooth animation, though I recommend you try brushin up with the voice acting. Not to offend you but the Irish one sounded like they were dully reading from a script. And finally the music was lovely and well fit to the situation. Good job on this animation!

makes sense