DA PowerPuff Girlz reboot!

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Wait… how come they complain about having no fingers, but buttercup had fingers for a bit?

Y'know for three super powered abominations suffering from an existential crisis they sure were quick to answer that phone...

Hey, I love this parody! The Powerpuff Girls was a big part of my childhood! (Too bad Cartoon Network ruined it :( )

That was Hilarious! it is very well animated!

this was a VERY awesome parody of the powerpuff girls!
the intro was perfect in every detail, (i liked the ''vodka! gelatin! and a bit of malibu!'' parts too) the characters were accurately drawn, and they had cool face expressions, the voice actress of the powerpuff girls was perfect, and all the characters were nicely drawn, nicely animated and with good voices in general.
i also liked the wild humour that you had in there.
such as the ''townsville: its a horrible place to live into, unless you want to die by huge monsters'', or, the part where the girls wanted to get money & recognition for their work, and when the mayor refused and tried to hire princess for the job of ''saving the town'', they kicked his butt, haha.
really cool movie, and i liked how buttercup was the insane one in the movie...
good work!

do more movies like this, sir... they are funny!

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Jul 11, 2016
3:45 PM EDT