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"People tend to have a pretty pessimistic view on robotics labor taking over our labor.
But I believe there's a lot of reason to be more optimistic about what might come."

There's a reason I'm not making poetry, but thanks a lot to Saminat for making the cool voice lines despite of how poorly I wrote it ;)

Taxi robot took, my job away
realistically I look, and guess I don't have to complain
my family is supported, by basic pay
and it has been reported, it's safer anyway

Flying soldier robot, came in through the door
for many years I fought, but there is no more war
the enemies I haven't seen, they're on vaca
under a palm tree, on bora bora bay

Creative robot brain, took my career away
but it's producing, my next video game
and in VR I don't look the same
now I get the girls without the shame, of pretending my art isn't lame

Farmer robot does my work
I'm sunbathing on the plains
No more hay on my fork
And I don't bring animals in pain
Cause the meat is lab grown, and it still tastes the same


I also want to make a post about how I made the character animations soon! (spoiler: it involves quite a lot of programming and little drawing)

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So often, the themes in science fiction show the dangers of robots. 'Westworld', 'Terminator', 'The Matrix', 'I, Robot'... It is refreshing to see an upside, with an upbeat song. Perhaps the future is not as bleak as we were lead to believe?

Guy-Unger responds:

Yess! I'm hopeful :)
I'm just going to have to get used to the idea that it seems inevitable that everything I'm working so hard for now, will be rendered useless when AI will be able to quickly generate the perfect personalized games, movies etc. for each individual..

Alot of this years robot day submissions seem to share the same thoughts. Fears of losing jobs.
Its interesting. The rap is great and it loops perfectly