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OneyPlays ANIMATED : GTA 5 with Mods

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A OneyPlays gameplay animated

Original video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LBBpefTGsg&list=WL&index=6

Twitter : https://twitter.com/qelindent


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The GTA 4 music was the best thing in this entire cartoon so 5

I'm not gonna repeat everything said in the comments, but I agree with what the others have been saying. One thing that has been talked about are the expressions. When you have so many different faces and expressions, the faces end up looking weird and offbeat.

I've been hearing quite a lot about this on twitter. This wasn't good. Sorry.

Overall the cartoon was pretty bad. I think the lip sync and backgrounds were okay, but the animation was lacking. Also don't make the intro too long. Unless you're putting credits or info there, I don't think it adds much to the cartoon. Hope you can improve from this though.

This cartoon was just meh. Personally the only thing I somewhat liked was the lip sync, and even that was off at times. Oh, and the colors and the facial expressions are alright too. The character animation was bad, tho. I think the worst part was when Oney walked away after saying "There's poo poo on the floor". Also, I want to thank you for making the intro take up half of the cartoon!!! Seriously, don't make it that long.