Mighty Dissapointment

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I'm going to start off this description with: I thought Mighty No. 9 was OKAY at best. Not GOD AWFUL like the internet wants you to believe (this isn't as insulting as Other M / Sticker Star or as broken as Sonic Boom). It's also not the ROBOT MESSIAH to revive hopes and dreams like everyone expected. It's just an unfocused Megaman game. Loads of the older Megaman entries lost focus, like Megaman and Bass, X7 and Soccer. But with such high expectations, a bigger than expected budget, and 8 ports crossing every electronic device imaginable, the internet just road the hate train express. As it always loves to do because it has nothing better to do.

This game has a lot of issues than can easily be cleaned up, like the frame drops and visuals and a few that are a bit trickier like the unrewarding point system and how Jumpin' and Shootin' is less important than dashing and combos. I hope they LEARN from their mistakes and fix em' up in a supposed sequel, rather than shut the franchise down entirely.

One main thing I wanted to point out in this short is the very FIRST Megaman game wasn't a financial hit. It had an EMBARRASSING boxart (which is all the advertising it had in the US) just like how MN9 had an EMBARRASING commercial. Capcom was going to axe the series EVEN BACK THEN. But the team loved the project so much, they made Megaman 2 on their FREE time. If Inafune "Owns ALL of the problems that MN9 has," then I predict history repeating itself...

Even though I'm kinda sorta defending this game, I don't recommend Mighty No. 9 unless you are a die-hard Megaman fan. Even so, then I'd recommend Azure Striker: Gunvolt or the fan-made Megaman Unlimited over this. But if you wanna see what the old people brought up, even if it's a bit messy. Go for it, I got mine for just $20, there's probably a price drop by now.

Now is not the time to quit Comcept, but the time to bring out the big guns. In the meantime, Re-Core is lookin' GREAT!

*Final note: I'm working on Grimmwar, my own Kickstarted game so these cartoons have to be really short so I can get this game finished.*


The animation was very fluid and nice to look at, the colors and characterizations were on point and that music was awesome! (Dunno if you made it or someone else or if its from megaman but hey its gud) All in all sort but sweet. Keep it up bro!

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3.42 / 5.00

Jun 30, 2016
1:51 PM EDT