Roommates - Paper Splash

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(Short 13) Joseph gets sucked into a paper world.

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Roommates Updates: https://twitter.com/RoommatesShow_

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This kinda works as a Paper Mario parody.

Great job as always

Bad lipsync and it's a video game parody.


i'm so glad your doing frame by frame now, and even better, it isnt shit frame by frame!!!! you need to get better at your posing though, i think that's one of your problems you've kept ever since your motion tweening days. also practice anatomy stop drawing hands like small circle blobs ya dope. the way everything moved in this cartoon looked really nice though, if there's something you've always done really well it's shape tweens, and it really shows here. my only other issue i have with this cartoon is that this made me realize how bad of a voice actor you are lol. the lines "alright! if i deafeat this, i'll get stronger, right?" and "i'm gonna go play video games" were said so casually when you could've said it with a little more excitement and enthusiasm.

also jonarock did good with his lip sync though the mouth was so small i was convinced that it was shrinking slowly and slowly

and azoko's new roommates intro is really cool too

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3.29 / 5.00

Jun 29, 2016
12:29 PM EDT
Comedy - Original