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The Creamery Warlock

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We follow the day of Waste T. Rubbish. Some dairy-super-powered, dibshit.

And yes, I'm fully aware of the shitty lip syncing (especially during

Garbage's scene). I have gone back over and over again to fix it, but I can't

make it perfect. Oh, frackin' Well.

Cast in order of appearence:

Looney (Erik Nielson)

bluebomberimo (Ian Ogley)

Twisted4000 (Ben Carswell)

SirUndead (Gianni Matragrano)

Forceonature (Shannon Hobby)

Odell Atkinson

Andrew Hindle
-@AndrewOmega360 on Twitter

Music, yeah, same order:

"not" - Fuzzzydice

"SPLASH!!" - SpeedoSausage

"You'll Find Someone" - infernoZN

Have a wonderful day, cocksucker.

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Very nice

So the animation was really good here on this one and I like the cranberries poster that was a nice touch but overall this was some good quality of animation here so no major changes needed on this one but anyways keep up the good work

No changes it was brilliant


HadenDA responds:

Well, I appreciate all the compliments, but I've already written this off as one of my worst animations. Believe me, I almost wish I had never wasted my time by making it. That's not to say I'll ever remove it, it's important to look back on to see learn from my mistakes. Thanks for the kind words, however.


Pretty good animation, I like the style. Also I just about did a spit take when I saw the Game Grumps cranberries poster XD

ccccrraannnnbbbeerrriieesss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you got my vote this year, i mean anyone who's down to clown with the game grump is cool with me.