Armor of God Animation

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This is an animation of Ephesians 6:10-18.

There is a Spiritual Armor that Christians a expected to wear.
This animation lists/describes the various armor parts

It took 1 -2 months to complete


I welcome criticism and pick the top 2 or 3 critic/comments and add their names as easter eggs in my animation :)

This time Spuggiehawk and Lexahergon


The narration my previous animation was emotionless and some effects made 1 voice harder to hear.

This time round i left out all the effects and collaborated with freakinbehemoth for the narration (once you hear the voice you will know it was a good call)


The background of the previous animation was a bit plain

so this time round i wrapped the entire animation in a sky image background, it's far from perfect but much better than last time

I also Added EASTER EGGS of the joel animation in the BACKGROUND

Armor of God in the Bible

I have just Launched my WEBSITE :)

Youtube Link

get FREE wallpapers of THIS ANIMATION on my website

congrats for making it to the end of my long description haha have a cookie

some rest, a little research, next project
more details will be posted on my wall by the end of today

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God bless you for making this :).

JoshuaCrown responds:

Thanks, you've left me speechless :D

Nice work :)
Much better balance with the audio and I would certainly take up that shield of faith :D
Keep up the great work.

JoshuaCrown responds:

Thanks :) between the two of us *Whisper* [the arrow in the shield was my favorite part]

I give you 5 starts simply for the subject matter. So glad to see a video proclaiming truth, especially on a venue known for gaming and some other less spiritual time consumers. Thanks for making this.

JoshuaCrown responds:

haha Thank you. Conquering Newgrounds one video at a time :)

Not Bad. I like what you did with what little time you had, and I assume what possibility limited animation software you had, but then again I don't know too much about animation. I like the atmosphere you gave it, and the narration. it was really funny how over-exaggerated it was. Even with pretty much no movement, I could imagine the guy buckling down under the weight of all that armor. This isn't great, but I appreciate how much effort went into it and I hope you continue making fun and funny animations. would be 4 stars for more movement and less jerky when there was some.

JoshuaCrown responds:

Thanks :) i believe the jerkiness might be cause i didn't use enough frames ( i was trying to cut down on render time) haha.

But i will be getting a more powerful Laptop very soon so i should be able to make it smoother with more frames, i will also look into other reasons for jerkiness

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Jun 25, 2016
11:06 PM EDT