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Final Fight Club

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This originally began as a Final Fight parody referencing Fight Club, but eventually evolved into its own sketch.

Curiously this project dates back to 2014. At the time I was in between jobs and having Computer problems since both my Mac and laptop crashed on me on the same day and I had to reformat the Mac and buy a new Laptop for my job. Also I had to put it aside considering that Four Swords 10 was a higher priority. so it took a while to get done.

anyway enjoy!

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Good flash.

LMAO! That is pretty good!

I was confused by this at first. I didn't see why it got its title. I guess I just know "Street Fighter" a lot more than I do "Final Fight". Oh yeah, this didn't have the same characters here. I still liked this, because the sprite work was quite good. I see few "Fight Club" parodies.

It should be referenced more. I should have known everyone would fight at the end. Uh, spoilers? The voices are quite nice. I like how you got a lot of people for this.