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2 Ants 1 President - Episode 1

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Youtube version:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/skull_link
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/2ants1president
Email: elfantasmadelink@hotmail.com

Directed and animated by Joel Guerra

Backgrounds by Anioco
character designs by Braulio Loayza ,Queen Zelda and Joel Guerra
Animated logo by Sebastian piedrahita
Mix / Audio Editing by Felipe Heredia Metrayeta94
President Pixelart by Shirotzu san
Intro theme song by J. Daniel Orta
Special thanks to travistroid , Queen Zelda and sebastian piedrahita

-Voice actors:
Derek by Derek Crawley

Melvin by Alejandro Ace Fletes

Police 1,2,3 by Alejandro Ace Fletes, Derek Crawley and Bradley William Smith

Extra girl and secretary by Anairis Quinones

President by Bradley William Smith

Intro theme song by J. Daniel Orta:

Sebastian Piedrahita - Evil Droids from the Future

IamManolis - You and I:

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"A motherfucking ant" got me laughing

I love the art style.

so good. Melvin and Derek remind me of a popular anime duo

"A motherfucking ant.
President: ( what in the actual fuck- )
President: "What?"

poor melvin