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Mettaton Vs Frisk

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DAILY 4TH PLACE. I have no idea how common of rare that is but it makes me happyyyy. Thank you all for rating my animation well.

I am happy with this.
This is My first minute long video... or at least... in flash. and all mistakes aside, i like how this came out

This was honestly the video that inspired this, its an awesome remix of metal crusher.

All characters music and sounds of Undertale are owned by Toby Fox

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Mettaton was a funny yet deadly foe. Glad you were able to befriend them in the end... I think. ;-;

Smooth animation and I like how you captured the flashiness of Mettaton and the shyness of Alphys. Good stuff. :D


I thought the poses you had Mettaton make were familiar. I was thinking Gooseworx the entire time I watched your video. Excellent job~

gatekid3 responds:

Yeah, that was the main inspiration for the animation to be honest. Thanks.

Simply loved it. The animation was really good and the art work aswell. plus i am a undertale fanm

gatekid3 responds:

Thank you.

A brilliant piece of animation! Looking forward to more from ya :)

gatekid3 responds:

Thank youuuu