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Face The Dilemma

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Hi, this is a visual comic-like game based on the text-adventure "Dilemma" by Hosted Games.. (More in the game credits).The reason I chose to build on something that's already out there is that having some sort of leverage point in the concept, I was able to focus more on how to get it done and less on whether my idea is awesome enough... Since this is also my first published project (of the gamey kind), I managed to learn a lot and it gave me lots of courage for future, more personal projects... :) Alright, I hope you like it!

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maybe you watch the damn road and don't hit the kid?

It was okay... I let Jude live and let the boy die...

the last choice is the tough one ugh i hate when it comes to that type of choices but i really like the game.

This was a fun game about consequences. I decided in my playthrough to not help Allison at all and only have my boy Jude's back. I got away with stopping a robber and doing a hit and run. Life is good. Don't know why he is so butt hurt about Allison, though. All she did is want money and not give me drugs.

The game really make us think about our choices in life. What if you choose A and not B? What if i don't do that? That's really awesome. It's a big pleasure to play a game that touchs the player, that let you think about your existence.
It's a example of that you do not need really cool graphics to make a really good game!
Keep up with the good work!

AwesomeAndreas responds:

Thank you so much! :D

Credits & Info

3.83 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2016
11:51 AM EDT

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