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Night of the Living Bread

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An evil slice of bread called Lord Gluten has taken over the bread factory and wants to kill everybody.

One solitary slice of bread decides to make a stand against Lord Gluten's reign of terror. He is our only hope now.

Give us this day our hero bread,
and lead us not into e. coli,
but deliver us from Lord Gluten,

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Wow unique

So this was really a unique film here I like the style of the film and the stop motion style was really nice a good toon here with a unique visual so good work here make more of this soon I look forward to seeing more of your work

No particular changes on this one I do look forward to more of your work


What a strange tale. XD The mixture of regular toast and layered papermation was both an effectual and interesting idea, and the story a bit silly, but still somewhat suspenseful and of course - entertaining. Was thinking there'd be a twist at the end with the dog eating up not only the evil toast but all the others... glad it didn't come to that, though! Thanks for the entertainment.


great movie!

i like its unique, stop-motion animation, and its clever use of real bread slices as characters of the movie. if we combine this, along with the fact that almost all the props are from paper (eyes, face expressions, +all the secondary characters in the film), then we can see why this is a GOOD, and ORIGINAL movie.

ignore the people who will downrate your movie, like the reviewer below.
listen to me, your movie is GOOD. its nicely animated in a stop-motion format, its clever, its funny, and it had a coherent+funny story going on!
so, its a great animation, and you have good skills in creating bizzare/unique/funny movies!

i really liked all the puns in the movie, BTW. ''i am lord gluten. i am master to many, breakfast to no man''. (it was genius!), i also liked how you've depicted the eggs suffering from the wild battle between lord gluten and the eggs, as they had to fight in order to stop him from contaminating all the bread slices in the bread factory!

i also liked the ending, it was very clever, cute and surprising, to say the least!

its a good movie:
excellent use of paper+coloured paper as elements of the movie, clever use of real-world items in the movie, such as slices of bread, nice orchestrated animation by using stop-motion techniques, and it also had cool speech bubbles, and nice dramatic music to match with the story...
good work, keep it up, and do more things like this!

Not bad. Decent (if slightly ridiculous) story, and I really enjoy your art. I'd suggest you perhaps make a comic instead of a flash video though.

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3.64 / 5.00

Jun 8, 2016
3:47 PM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place June 10, 2016