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Mario's Trap

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Mario finally found a way to stop that mean ol' Bowser!

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very good


hmmm, it seems that mario has finally found a way to protect the princess... once and for all.

good movie, with nice visuals, a nice drawing style that makes it look like everything's drawn with coloured pencils (good effect), and a generally good, cartoonish style+fast paced speed, which is always good for a quality animation/for a good parody of a classic videogame.

it's nicely drawn, with good effects, nice animation speed, and a good use of mario's voice clips.
clever and beautiful, its funny and brutal at the same time.

great work!
keep rocking, sir!

is princes peach ok?

It was overall pretty decent. It was a little rough around the edges, and smoothening out the animation would be good, but is still was good.