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Why isn't Martin Lawrence in movies anymore?

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My first ever completed flash animation, traveling back to 2001 for a brief insight into the creative minds that brought us "Black Knight" staring Martin Lawrence.

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This was a great first flash! I've found myself wondering what happened to Martin Lawrence in days past, so this was a pretty insightful animation, cheers!

well, let me tell you: this was a GREAT movie for your first movie ever!
i really liked how you drew your characters, and the whole animation was fluid and very nicely organised.

also, while the first person was talking with the ''movie executive from 2001'', i LOVED how the movie executive had a HORRIFIED face expression as he was watching the first screening of martin lawrence's ''the black knight'' movie...

what can i say?
matrin lawrence's movies are (always) wild, cheesy and not commercially successful, but i like them!
just like adam sandler's and nicolas cage's movies, they are a guilty pleasure for me! LOL! :D

great movie, it's both funny, and nicely animated. you did a great job, sir.

PS: oh and BTW, the movie executive looks like Will Arnett, AKA ''the Gob'' from arrested development. was that intentional, or not? either way, its funny!

good stuff!

CarsonJudd responds:

Thank you! Actually, Will Arnett was the direct inspiration for the character's aesthetic, that man makes the best reaction faces.

LMAO! I've actually seen the movie Black Knight and let me tell you, it was not that good. It wasn't that horrible either but it was just plain mediocre. I have to say that you did very well making this parody so I'll give you that. Nice job!

This explains EVERYTHING!

Dang, that's actually a movie? That is just so bad, and totally like a terrible blaxploitation film minus anything remotely good.

You really nailed the scene in the theater. Love the way you drew out time and made it just so slow.