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A highly experimental and emotive piece for one of my end of year projects! This was a hell of a learning curve for me, mostly in the sense of now knowing 3 months is a short bloody time to try do frame by frame animations!!

It's crazy to see just how quickly your time eating frames get used up, and I feel the next major thing to learn and appreciate is going to be pacing. The whole concept was to try take a seemingly dull theme of 'standing' and ramp it up as much as possible with the use of music and audio, if I had the time I would have added some ambient sounds but deadlines be tomorrow!

Never the less, I'm really proud to show this to you guys and gals as alot of effort went into this, massive thanks to Alex Gray for her voice-over too!


The voicing on this is it's weak point I hate to say. As others have said, it definitely got a bit better towards the end. The animation on a whole was pretty great though, with a couple minor odd spots like when the character is on their knees (it looks rather awkward).

Eggabeg responds:

Thankyou for the feedback, aye I've seen it said a few times, I would put it down to time constraints and my direction more than her talent, we literally had a few hours to add it at the end!! Awkward spots are good to be pointed out though, gives me plenty to improve!

The dialogue has a great significance to our lives, we always fall, we have to get back up..Those who choose not to have given up. The animation is unique in it's own way, sketchy, yet it does give off the main scenes of what the dialogue is giving off.

The music also fits wonderfully, though the voice kept overpowering it to some extent.

Overall, this is a wonderful piece you've done!

Eggabeg responds:

Aye I get what you mean, needed more time fine tuning it! Next time though! ;)

The animation ran very smoothly and the background music was really good. The work was really good too. I didn't really like the voice acting but it was good at the last quarter of the animation.

Eggabeg responds:

Thanks! To bair fair to the voice actress the voice work was squeezed in right next to deadline so it was one take and go, a flaw in direction on my part if anything!

Love it!

Wow, man... just wow. I thought it was cool before reading your comments. But after reading it. I feel that the story became A LOT better. I mean... how can you make an awesome story/animation just from the concept of "standing"?!?!

What did you use to make this?

Eggabeg responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it! So.. software used was a combo of Sketchbook Pro for the drawing and colouring of the frames / a few of the effects layers, I'd basically draw one frame, drop the opacity, draw another on top again and again, I've got folders of at least 500 of the bastards.

Then I would sometimes use Photoshop for things like the scarf where the shape didnt have to change but a warp effect made it seem like it was moving, then it all gets chucked into After Effects for compiling, timing and rendering!

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3.94 / 5.00

May 23, 2016
6:59 PM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place May 25, 2016