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4chan RAID argonians TV bombarded with prank calls

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Those argonians tried to get their own TV channel, but they learned about 4chan the hard way !
Sounds are mostly taken from the Jesus Chatline. I miss those guys !

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Sounds the Nords from Skyrim came calling in to troll the hell out of them.

The truth of the internet is inescapable. Things like these are bound to happen in the future again and again, just have to deal with it.

lucifersam01 responds:

As long someone still record them, I'll be happy ^^

Darkly perverse. This is why you do not live air open broadcast. That was Trolling from the 5th Dimension there. And there was a LOT of racist humor. Lets put things in perspective here. This one will step on EVERYBODY'S dick so to speak. Likewise what would a Newgrounds animation be without some Butt Secks joke or two floating around in it?

The animation was spot on for what this was. It was a parody of a parody to be a parody. Paradoxical almost... SCIENCE! The subtleties in motion and expression as well as the body language all was very well done. That uneasy awkwardness throughout and the building tension was funny from the third perspective. I am kind of surprised there was no breaking of the 4th wall. I know someone may argue that point with me. The way this was presented the 4th wall kind of doesn't exist in that we are viewing from the third person the whole time as if we are watching a show. There was no interaction by the characters with the viewer in an indirect manner such as when a cartoon character breaks scene and says something to the audience. Being presented to us "As the viewer audience" of the show we are set "inside the four walls." Well played. Had to toss a half star more for that.

NOT FOR THE WEAK OF HEART OR EASILY OFFENDED and if you viewers fancy yourself a SWJ or "Sensitive," and maybe even (COUGH) Politically Correct, stay away from this one. You may bust a blood vessel in your head watching this. This is not clean humor. It gets kind of "Blue."

If anything it is NICE AND DIRTY FUN. Pigs wallowing in mud fun. If anything it is a lesson in civility in an uncivil world. Who said the world was perfect? Or nice? Or always sugar sweet? Not a classic per say, not a masterpiece exactly, this was a pretty hallmark animation in that it was done with a high degree of skills to compose the work. It was very very well done and timing, execution of each joke, the synchronization of audio and video, the fact that while there was a repetition of theme it was mixed up in ways that balanced out any repetition. If anything there was a strange Zen to this piece.

You got close to getting five stars from me. Keep up the Great work. Thanks for the view. This was pretty funny in all the wrong ways. Kind of like eating a whole quart of ice cream while on a diet trying to loose weight. In a way this is a guilty pleasure.


lucifersam01 responds:

Thank you for all that ! :D

yeah, this type of humour is definitly in bad taste and not for everyone

Had to look into the backstory of this, but you did a great job of presenting it. The character models, background, and animations were all smooth and well done, and perfectly believable, matching the comedy and awkwardness of the situation.

lucifersam01 responds:

thank you ! :D

people don't understand the brilliance of 4chan when they actually take advantage of open themed content that works well enough

lucifersam01 responds:

XD ! I like this kind of humour :P