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DWO S1 V1 Trailer

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EDIT: I see a lot of bad rates, can people drop a line to point out what is wrong with the trailer. I'll improve my next animations!

Hi fellows, glad to be back with my new video.
Enjoy :)

Dragon and Weed Origins, Season 1 - Volume 1 Trailer
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Jordan J Scavone
Ryan Lawhon
Connor Colquhoun
Christopher Marshall
Llyod Hisel
Jacob Cimba
Anairis Quinones
Alison Beahan
Rachael Messer
Maurquice Straughter
Linden Carello

Localization team:
Christophe Demarcq
Théo Duvernay
Héléna Morgane

Mourad Achir-Splilmer
Charly Jouglet

Axel-Guillaume Eloa

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The art direction isn't bad despite none of the character's faces changing in the trailer. The animation is really off putting at times and character movement is really loose and weightless (You're using bone rig animation aren't you?) I'm sure this series would be a good mini series but over $50,000 for an entire season is ambitious for something that has a niche audience and relies on a animation technique that's possibly worst than tweening.
P.S. You can get away with bone rigs if a scene is from a distance of the characters, but up close and focusing on characters makes their movement look awkward and badly animated.

AxelTheAs responds:

Hey, thanks a lot for you review! I understand and you're right it's an ambitious project, I'll continue improving my animation skills and ask for help if needed ;)