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So it's the story of Pyro the pyromaniac. Pyro will discover the fun in maintaining fires. Some deep meaning about life is surely hidden in there, I think.


Something I made for supplementary courses. I never really "animated" frame by frame, this is my first true attempt at that. First true animation movie, WOOOOH! \o/

It's not perfect, but I'm happy to be done with it! Animation takes tooooo much time, hahaha.

But if you have fun watching this, it would have been worth it.

[The music is from Karkwa, a old music group from Quebec.]

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They look like Princesses Bubblegum


Wish I could something about this but I got nothing in mind, I like it haha, the end was funny (yeah, it's funny to see how someone committed suicide and starts burning alive and slowly losing his life, making also the fire stronger)

The deep meaning that he found might be that helping others feels nice and is one of the best things people can do, so he just did it, I mean it's fire but it counted for him and he gave his life to help the fire

(Sorry for assuming the gender~ please don't kill me~)

this brought me much enjoyment. also i didn't realize this site was still up and running. so now i'm here again!
what a lovely video! your animations are a delight

ZeTrystan responds:

Oooooh, you saw it! Hahahahaha.
and yup, gotta love good old NG

I just imagine him looking at the screen and saying I'm gonna burn you

ZeTrystan responds:

HAHAHA, he would if he could!