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PS4 vs XBOX1

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A short and hastily made animated birthday card I made for my nephew, but I replaced the original personal "happy birthday greetings" with another drop-down animation thingy.

My nephew has an Xbox One already but now want a PS4, because REASONS! I have neither, but I snuck in my thoughts on the matter while just goofing around in general. My nephew liked this, so I just wanted to share the silliness. :)

Most sounds are from FreeSound.org, and are free, but there's a robot voice I found on the internet supposedly mimicking a phrase by Glados from the game Portal, and there's an end credit music snippet from a Bugs Bunny vid on YouTube.

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Console wars bother me but It's a nice animation

That made me laugh lol good job I love both PS4, Xbox1 and Pc good job

Radonroten responds:

Good to know the little animation works as intended. Thanks! :)

That was a fairly short but entertaining movie.

#Team PS4

Radonroten responds:

Quick and dirty can be fun too! ;)


sooooo... moral of the story is.....buy a PS4?
decent work though.

Radonroten responds:

As far as my own opinion goes, without actually owning any of the systems; yes! X)

Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks!

This is really cool! This deserves to be on the front page!

Radonroten responds:

Much appreciated! Thanks! Not to step on your most generous opinion, but I myself would humbly pass on any front page exposure to an animation of...say, a longer and higher quality variety. :)