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The Guardian

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Rain forces an adventurer into an abandoned ruin with a dark guard standing watch. What will happen on this nameless adventurer's quest for loot.

What started as a test of a new program turned into this.

Clip Studio now has a timeline :D

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yeah thats also what sold me... the realistic coil disengage into high strike ^^ personally i studied warung and katanas so wouldnt know about italian long swords on an expert level but was definitely cool ^^ would love to see you choreograph a longer fight scene with maybe 15-20 moves! or even better a 5 on 1 slaughter by a true master versus some scrubs with blades ^^

CroMagg responds:

Oh, I certainly am not on any expert level either, but certainly loved dipping into that knowledge base to fully flesh out this scene. I absolutely want to do more sword fighting scenes for sure! The tricky part is making it a worthwhile story. Once I got one of those figured out, we'll be in business!

Thanks for posting!

Sweet Jesus what a curse! That sword must be worth... 20..no... 30 Rubles!

i dont know of you researched this or not, but the decapatating move is historically accurate (although it was generally used to cut off hands rather than heads)!

Good job!

CroMagg responds:

I'm actually really excited you noticed that. I've been studying the Italian Longsword focusing on Fioré de Liberi's work for about a year now with help from my local swordplay guild. The whole story, for me, is revolving around the way they swordfight, from the way they hold the sword to the guards and cuts they take. The guardian uses more wild mandrito cuts and a death grip on the handle as the adventurer nimbly dodges through a modified finestra guard, and rolled into a rear weighted posta de donna, into an arrest perry trying to take the centerline, but being overwhelmed by the strength of the guardian he smartly uses it to his advantage. Kind of a subtle brains vs brawn thing i guess.

The move you're talking to is where I started choreographing the scene too. I wanted to show the classic and unrealistic clash of swords and battle over that middle line and how it is easily countered by yielding and whipping around with the opponent's momentum to take his hands, or in this case his head.

Nice eye :D and thanks for the comment!