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2 minutes to midnight

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2 local friends have tickets to the hottest show in town. Only problem is THEY LEFT THEM BACK HOME. They will do whatever it takes, to see there favorite band.

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Good story and the rough animation style was fun.

Seems like the effort level was really high at the start and really low at the end. I wish you would've just made it shorter.

Fuck yeah, this made my day and then some. Meatcanyon (damn sweet username btw), this came out perfectly. It showed vision, it showed heart, it ticked all the appropriate boxes with room to spare. Big bonus: a plot that keeps you guessing, from the moment you read the title and see the thumbnail, to the very end.

At first I thought these guys walked off their jobs without punching out, at 11:58PM...? Anyway, anyone that ever worked 2nd shift for years on end can tell you, it can make you kinda squirrely, but oh so ready to party. I'm really satisfied with the entirety of the script, top shelf stuff yo.

Comedic timing and graphic shortcuts (except maybe the last slideshow montage, some of those stills could've been a little more detailed/expositional) worked well throughout the animation, and I don't think it was lazy in the slightest! What the fuck, I mean, you animated this thing completely by yourself, you have to scale a few things down to get things done, or risk getting bogged down with things that don't necessarily need detail... but that said, having effects like a blowing newspaper, or random background element in the background, can be a whole plot unto itself.

When monthly voting comes around, I know this whopping 10 minute odyssey is going straight to the top of my screen. I trust you'll take my review to heart, as I've been a member here for over 15 years, and been in the business of story telling.... back when metal was a bit more mainstream, and cries from the wilderness were seldom ever heard (late 20th century, pre-internet).

meatcanyon responds:

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this. I'm glad you were able to connect with it. More content coming very soon!

This was great I enjoyed everything about it.

I don't really have much to say. It's funny at some points, accurate to what the metal community will do to see their favorite bands, and is just overall enjoyable. However, I feel that the best part about this cartoon probably wasn't something you were trying to do. You made the short lengthy so that the art style can grow on you. Your art style look like Tithinian with thinner lines, more frames per second and less lazy. Now I do have to admit my love for Game Grumps Animated, but his animation is pretty fucking lazy, but yours isn't except for the part with metal Jesus playing out of sync with the music where you just put some animation on loop. That is something that the lowest of cartoons do, ok. I want nobody to get to that point, and you certainly aren't heading there; you did 10 minutes of animation for a short on NewGrounds, a site that most people think is dead. Good job man. You took your time with this, wasn't lazy with it most of the time, and made a painfully accurate representation of the lengths metalheads will go to see their favorite bands live. I should know because I can tell you the difference between any metal sub-genre. That's when you've hit rock bottom. Don't go there, or you'll end up reviewing people's work on NewGrounds for fun. Anyway, you did a good job and I want you to know that. Thanks.

meatcanyon responds:

thanks a bunch man, that means a lot. I agree with the loops being lazy, but can be a fast alternative when you are on a time crunch. Thanks for watching!

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3.72 / 5.00

May 3, 2016
9:40 AM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place May 4, 2016