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Cool Opossum

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Possum giving advice.

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i like the constant motion that exists in the movie, its a sign that this is a fast-paced, and swift animation. ( a GOOD sign!)
also, i like how you drew the cool possum's face/body/style, he seemed very cool, and i liked that his eyes and his mouth were moving, to match his expressions+the voice-acting.
overall, the lip syncing was GOOD, and the whole animation was detailed, nicely animated, and nicely drawn, with a clever use of that specific voice-clip.
(with good lip-syncing too!).

very good short movie, you have skills bro, plz do more, and keep up the good work!

Frost-i-Rated responds:

Thank you. It's nice to hear such kind words. They're saying exactly the opposite at the other site.

I really like the constant motion going on, but it could look cleaner and smoother. Overall, it's pretty good.

Frost-i-Rated responds:

Thanks. On the other site that I got the sound from, I showed this to some folks and they ripped it to pieces for the constant movement. They think it's floaty and all over the place and shows no fundamentals. Very interesting.

Hahaha good one Keep it up ;)