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Game Grumps Animated - 9 Ball Island

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The Second Game Gumps Animated following the adventures of Arin 'Egoraptor' Hanson and Danny 'Sexbang' Avidan as they take a trip to 9 Ball Island in Endless Ocean 2.

Enjoy and please leave some feedback!


The artstyle is pretty bad color wise, expression wise.
the famliy guy-esque eye shapes dont give alot of expression to the character, all the work is done by the eyebrows and eyelids and they dont get the job done alone. Try to do a better job at drawing eye shapes and change them up with different expressions.
Some figure practice or any drawing practice in general will help you out a bunch, your line work is awful looking at the head shapes, the stiffness on the hair , perspective on the the table , and other various shapes lack any refinement. So just draw alot and try to improve
As for the color choices: they dont work together. Your choices are sometimes too saturated. I think the over saturation is the biggest problem, but im not 100% on color theory stuff, regardless you should study some of Ego's color choices when it came to backgrounds and such.
The character animations are kinda stiff, try giving them some frames to slow down before they come to a complete stop
I think you deserve some praise on Dan's hand movements at 0:25. They were a nice touch
anyway, hope you improve

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JimToons responds:

Thanks for being constructive. I wish I had the time to make everything better but at least I know where to improve. Thanks!

I always like seeing an artist's representation of the bat shit insane stuff these guys talk about. Good job man. Keep it up!

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JimToons responds:

Thanks so much man :)

m really curios to know whether you people were srious , or were you high when you decided to record the voiceover for this. It's good

JimToons responds:

The audio is from Game Grumps a pretty popular gaming channel. One of the guys is a Newgrounds Illumni Egoraptor.

Nice video bro! Really funny jokes

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JimToons responds:

Thanks man, The audio is from GameGrumps so I can't take credit hah

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2.48 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2016
6:15 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody