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To the Mountains

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6th Episode of The Adventures of Frank and Perry. After biting off Bill's cute face, bad Perry disappeared. Everybody deals.

Thank you Gianni for the voice of Perry!

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There are a lot of heavy sighs and difficult awkwardness in this series and this world you've created. Would you say that your characters are in some way trying to overcome their grotesqueness and so become more? Or are they simply that way regardless and playing out their lives unaware that they can become more?

noiserover responds:

I don't think they see themselves as grotesque, so probably the second option

I wish I could find the words to express how much I liked this project so far. Your drawing style and the element of surprise! It's not that I just liked what I saw. Well, I talking big and empty. Thank you for you courage to produce this kind of work!

noiserover responds:

Thank you so much, it means a lot to get such great feedback!

Overall the first few seconds kinda seemed grotesque and a little grim
until everything began to unfold and its actually really neat
Very ''out there'' yet still ''down to earth''

noiserover responds:

Thank you

I love it and i dont know why, it has its own unique touch on it and ambiance

noiserover responds:

Thank you!

Hard to decipher ;(

noiserover responds: