CURSE (Old Unused Opening)

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This is the old opening of my current project. I completed it about 5 months before I started working on the first Episode of "CURSE" (I used this as an eye grab to get voice actors), and I added footage here and there as time went on.

===Why I'm Not Using This===
1. The Character designs have changed a bit (more enlongated noses where the OP has rounder heads and short stub noses).

2. Some of the Curses are psychedelic (they aren't anymore).

3. (0:14 - 0:15) & (0:26 - 0:30) are not original animation, these were the first things I tried to animate so I traced the FMA opening (#4) for those scenes and can't keep them in with good conscience since I'm improving as an animator (in terms of my crap show anyways).

4. My new additional scenes (0:00 - 0:04) (0:16 - 0:18) & (0:40 + Beyond) stick out too much with my other dated stuff (Not that it's any better / good, just less "shit")

5. Empire of the Sun doesn't really fit.

6. The new OP is better / shorter and feels right.

===Why I'm Uploading This POS===
I can't do news updates yet since I'm new so I'll post this unseen work from me as a way to do a news post (rather than have it rot away on my Harddrive)

1. I started a subreddit www.reddit.com/r/cursecartoon
2. Episode 2 is over halfway complete, you should see it within the next month.
3. Still using a mouse but focusing a lot more on character animation and art cleanliness / correct proportions/not rushing it.
4. I got a tablet but can't seem to get the hang of it, as of now my lines are straighter and cleaner with a mouse, and I can do great on paper but not a tablet for some reason. Cintiq is still too expensive since I'm moving soon.

Thanks all! Hope you enjoy this travesty.

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Apr 27, 2016
8:00 PM EDT