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Doorknobs & Sunshine

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My school has a competition where we make videos of doorknobs killing things

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wow, this was a very nice, and crystal-clear animation!
the designs of both the doorknob and of the bunny, were very nicely drawn, detailed, and they were animated with a nice, fast-paced animation speed.

also, the background, the characters and the face expressions of the characters were beautiful and nicely drawn as well.

as for the story... poor doorknob! he certainly felt bad about it.
sping can make a person to react in such a manner.
its the pollen! > : O

good movie, sir! i liked it alot.
i suggest that you should make more of mr doorknob's wild adventures, for he is an adorable character!

good stuff, keep up the good work!

This is totally random. I like it!