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Do You Bleed?

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It's the greatest gladiator match of all time!

... on second thought, maybe not.

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ARRGH. You missed the ball at the very end!

BATMAN: Ah, man, I thought you were gonna...with the lasers or something.

SUPERMAN: Naw, man. :D

BATMAN: Yeah, we all cool---


Smash cut to black.

Excellent! The timing in the cuts between 20-30sec is outstanding... well done!

SamAlbro responds:

Thanks! I knew I had to nail the timing on that section, so I played it over and over in my head until it felt right. Glad you liked it!

I feel bad for the actor

This was really well animated and I hope it makes it too front page.

SamAlbro responds:

Thanks! I'm definitely hoping for that, too!

This is what should've happened back in that movie. It was literally no contest. Anywho, I really loved the animation here! I thought everything was nicely done and professionally made, I had a good chuckle!