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Hell's Uber Driver - Bill Cosby

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America's favorite rapist dad answers for his misdeeds in this installment of Hell's Uber Driver.

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Clever jokes, good voices. Though the bill Cosby isn't the most exaggerated version of his voice it works as a bill Cosby voice. The idea of a hell uber driver is clever and funny. There isn't much moving in the animation the but the art of the animation is good.

The animation is rather limited, but the writing and voices more than makes up for it. I would love to see this stuff shown during a late night Adult Swim block, it would certainly fit the channel. Great stuff!

I almost spit my drink out x_x


ok that was actually pretty damn funny - good job!

I'm amazed at how good the impressions in your videos are. Like they are spot on every time. And that ending. XD