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Crash Zoom: Grave Mistake

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Shooting a zombie flick with real zombies? What could possibly go wrong?

Written and Directed by Thomas Ridgewell and Eddie Bowley
Animated by Ben "Wonchop" Smallman
Voiced by Thomas Ridgewell, Alice Ann Stacey, Eddie Bowley, Jonti Picking, CJ Boucher, Chloe Dungate, Simon Squire, Joel Berghult and Elliot Gough
Music by Todd Bryanton
Sound design by Dan Pugsley
Editing by Elliot Gough

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I love the names of the gravestones lmao.

"This is filler" "Yet another corpse"

1:05 will NEVER cease to be hillarious.

i love the writing and the animation too looks anmzaing