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FrogMan the Series Episode 6

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EDIT: HELL YEAH daily 3rd and front page! The time spent on this is already worth it ;3

I can't believe it, but 3 years after episode 5 came out, episode 6 is finally done and here! No, 3 years were not spent making this, though episode 6 WAS started in 2012, this version was started in 2014, however I took a year break from it after a few months, and if I subtract all the time where I did absolutely nothing during a day, this probably took about 6.5 months to make, which is pretty cool 'cause it means I could probably get two of these out a year if I really tried to!

Also, you don't really need to watch the previous episodes to watch/enjoy this one, but it does help. Since it's been so long since an episode, I tried to make this one fairly accessible without sacrificing the current plot.

If you do want to watch them though, you can do so here: http://www.newgrounds.com/playlists/view/1b5a7df41536980b799f6e5b3f0610a4


Title: The Vacation Part Two: Here Comes Alex
Runtime: 9:12
Air Date: 4-9-16
Description: Alex regains conciousness and he's pissed. He goes on a mission to get revenge on the FMTS gang by capturing them one by one and bringing them to his "lair". Meanwhile, Toady is missing and Wise Frog and Chick Frog look for him, all without knowing that someone is looking for them too...

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Well, I was gonna put a wall of text here explaining the production history of this and some other stuff, but I guess it's over the non-visible character limit or something 'cause I can't publish this with it, so I guess that'll have to be saved for a news post. WHATEVER.

Welp, I hope you all enjoy this, and please, leave a review, because I always want to improve in any way, and in-depth reviews are always helpful.

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I'll start by mentioning what I thought was done well here.

The animation is undeniably fantastic. The entire episode is filled with fluid frame-by-frame shots. Alex's character animation is exceptionally great and fun to watch. His exaggerated movements coincide perfectly with his lines. Additionally, the visuals are an obvious improvement over episode 5. The character designs, backgrounds, color schemes and attention to detail show this. Visually, this is a clear success.

From a writing standpoint, this episode does a great job at keeping the viewer's interest. The Toady drug scene and the Alex scenes succeed at this, and offer great cliffhangers. It was also pretty funny ("I say FUCK the environment" was probably one of my favorite jokes).

I initially thought that a big issue this episode had was its "inaccessibility" to new viewers or people unfamiliar with the Frogman series, though after re-watching it and thinking it over, I can't think of a specific example of something that newcomers to the series would have trouble understanding. I suppose I can see some people being confused by the arrival of Alex as a character, but this is probably just a false alarm from me though.

I think the most valid criticism here, which isn't that big of a deal, would be the whisper-screaming in the voice acting that others pointed out. 7:02 is probably the biggest example of it. Not a big deal, though the whisper-screaming can be a bit problematic. "Holy shit we gotta hurry, help, help, someone we need an ambulance" also strikes me as odd in its delivery.

All in all though, great episode! Looking forward to seeing more.


This was pretty good, the animation is pretty well done, some parts are a bit odd like the way the feet slide during the walk cycles. All together though good job

artistunknown responds:

Yeah, I know what you're talking about with the walk cycles. I need to move away from tweening the cycle across the screen, 'cause it doesn't look right all the time. Or maybe it's because the walk cycles are on two's and the tween is on one's that it slides like that? Probably a mix of both, honestly.


Urban Towel really said it best. I can definitely tell you worked hard on this and animation was fantastic but lots of things fell flat. I didnt find it that funny either. like you mentioned in Urban Towels review I would recommend working on a shorter movies to get a feel of what jokes work and what fails and improve on your next one. Keep at it.

artistunknown responds:

Well, see, the thing about humor is it's SUBJECTIVE. Something you find funny, someone else might not find funny, and vice versa. I found this to be one of the funniest things I've made, and so have many others, so maybe the humor just isn't for everyone, but it's the same type of humor I've used in all my other cartoons, and people have thought those were funny before, so I'm not sure what about this wouldn't be funny to you, especially since you didn't give any examples.
Also, there weren't really any "jokes" per se, the humor more so came from visual gags and character interactions. Maybe you just don't like that kind of humor then. The few actual jokes in this I can recall were more so related to previous episodes and knowing these characters, so maybe that's another thing: you haven't seen those previous episodes, so you didn't get those jokes. Which is fine.
Also, I've been doing this stuff for nearly 7 years now, I think I have a good understand of what does and doesn't work.
But yes, I will "keep at it" and I will actively try to improve, but I'm not going to try to appeal to every different type of humor at once, because shoving everything into one thing isn't always good, just look at Resident Evil 6. You just can't appeal to everyone at once, because like I said, one type of humor is going to be funny to one person, and then not funny to another person, and if you have every type of humor, you're probably going to end up with an incoherent mess with people complaining that it wasn't funny all funny.

I can tell you put a lot of effort into this, but quite a few aspects of this just made me embarrassed while watching, mainly the voices. The girl frog sounds so unmotivated and out of character, a good example of this is when she says "holy shit we gotta hurry, help, help, someone we need an ambulance", it just sounds so lifeless and out of character. Another good thing to note is to make sure to not have the characters whisper scream all the time, which happened quite a bit in this animation.

Another thing that bugged me was the constant censorship of vulgar language in this. From looking at the beginning of the video which has a "TV-14" rating on the top left corner, I suppose you want this to be treated like a TV show where you want to censor language and nudity, but that feels so unnecessary to do, especially on the internet.

The plot was hard to follow at times, which left me confused, but I won't go too deep into that, because I guess that will be explained in the next episode (hopefully). Animation felt a bit stiff at times, but it didn't bug me too much, and the music was from Kevin MacLeod, which is okay, but hearing the same songs in so many different cartoons and short films start to really annoy me.

Overall, this is fine for what it is, especially the amount of time spent on this cartoon, as I have no idea how you can spend so long on a project mainly by yourself, so I have major respect for people who can spend that much time on a project, but it does have some little things that need to be fixed for the next episode which I explained earlier in this review. I await to seeing the next episode of where it will go.

artistunknown responds:

Yeah, the voice actress for Chick Frog isn't very good, though she's gotten a bit better than when she started, so there's some improvement. Most of the voices for this were recorded in 2014, aside from a few that were redone because i felt they could be better. I feel like everyone's gotten better at acting since then, but finding time for everyone to record is really hard, and the voices for episode 7 were recorded on the same day since we did have time and since it's a continuation, so unless I can find time to get all the lines completely redone before work on that is too far in, then the problems withe the voices currently probably won't be fixed. I'll try though, but like I said, it'll be hard to manage.

The censorship is something I knew would bug people, but there's a reason for it. It's pretty much the gimmick of this series, you were close with what you said. It's supposed to "feel" like a tv show, as if it were actually being shown on a fictional tv network. This is kinda explained in the series, but not really. The censors do come into play as something more than an annoyance in some episodes though. Plus, it leaves room for having uncensored versions for possible DVD releases. Which, ya know, probably isn't the best reason, but it IS a reason. But yeah, it is kinda unnecessary, but it's only a thing with this series. It's been a thing with this series since the beginning and it will continue being a thing, so hopefully that doesn't put you off too much.

Welp, I tried to make it a bit less confusing, but I guess it didn't entirely work. This is part 2 of a 3 part story, and it's really shit that I had to take so long of a break after starting a trilogy, but there really wasn't much important that happened in part 1, aside from the main cast getting into their current situations. The main plot with Alex being pissed off and wanting to get revenge has been slowly building since the first episode, but it only really began here. I feel like it'll kinda make more sense in the next episode, but idk, really the best thing to do would be watch the other episodes. Many times had I considered not finishing episode 6 again and instead doing a full series reboot, and maybe that would've been the better thing to do, but I already had so much of this done, and I really didn't want to take even longer to remake the first 5 episodes.

I'm not sure where exactly the animation could've felt stiff, but I'll assume it was in the scenes that were animated in 2014, or just where there wasn't enough movement. A big problem I have is not being able to come up with enough good poses, I feel like I've gotten better though, 'cause there's certainly quite a bit of animation in this where it's constant movement with new poses each time, and those bits were animated in the last few months.

Yeah, Kevin MacLeod music is a bit over-used at this point, but I had it and I felt most of it was fitting, so I just went with it. I also didn't have stable internet for a lot of the time I was working on this, so I couldn't really find better music choices. That's not really an excuse though 'cause I could've easily switched out the music later on, but i kinda didn't feel like searching for music, 'cause it always takes an unnecessarily long time. Ideally this series would have completely custom music, and maybe episode 7 could have that, or at least less-used royalty free songs.

Spending so much time on a single project is a really scary thing. The idea of it flopping and all the time spent being worthless is constantly going through my head, plus style and skill level is constantly changing throughout development, so there's always inconsistencies. I've spent a long time on projects in the past, and I'll probably be doing it in the future too, but I'm ready to take a break from long cartoons after this. As much as I love making long stuff, it's just so much more fun to make shorts because they can be done rather quickly, and I've got a ton of ideas i need to get out of my head.

I don't really understand how any of the problems you had with this would embarrass you. It's not like this is a completely professional production with people who know what they're doing all the time. This was started when I was still trying to figure stuff out, so it's full of problems and inconsistencies, but now I've learned a lot so I have a better understanding of what I'm actually doing and how to keep things consistent, so I SHOULD only get better from here. I will be trying my hardest to fix all the problems that can be fixed though. Episode 7 won't come out for a long time probably, but hopefully the wait for that will be worth it, and hopefully it'll be a lot better than this.

Thanks for the review!

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3.65 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2016
10:02 AM EDT